About Us Who We are

Pasolite manufactures and trades the best lighting products and solutions with a more attractive, more efficient and more sustainable result. Our knowledge, dedication and innovative vigour enable us to create the best LED lighting with application possibilities in every living and working environment.

From Retail and Commercial in Indoor to Facade and Landscape lighting in Outdoor, we offer a vast array of adoptive luminaires designed to reveal the soul of any architecture space.

Pasolite’s management team, with roots in Pan India puts the client in a central position in all its endeavours. Our company’s DNA inspires us to work in a market-driven fashion, to provide optimal service, and to only want to provide the best possible product. As a result, Pasolite has become a premium brand.

Indoor lights


The key to the success that the company has achieved thus far essentially lies in adopting a future-oriented approach, while keeping a watchful eye on the past. A past that makes this company increasingly proud of the goals achieved and vindicates its ambition to be the go-to supplier for demanding Architects, Interior Designers and Creatives seeking a solution to their individual lighting needs.


With an uninterrupted 20-year history in the professional and design marketplace, we continue to build on our core values of quality, integrity, originality, innovation, sustainability and service excellence. Our aim is to build up relation with renowned consultants and specifiers. Our range allows us offer our clients extensive and quality products.


To become the ideal choice of Architects, Interior Designers and creatives who intend to provide quality illumination in private and public spaces. A choice that is undoubtedly dictated by the high quality of each product. We strive to attain a position of long- term, sustainable pre- eminence in the lighting field “lighting up” both our customers and ourselves.

Why Choose Us

Lamps procured with care and attention to details, designed to illuminate and embellish indoor and outdoor spaces, with multiple stylish solutions.

We’re Creative

Challenges can be treated as opportunities to grow when backed up with resourceful people and facilities. It is possible to transform any dream, vision or idea into reality, especially with the confidence and know-how gained through the generations of craftsmen that have proven over and over again that anything is possible with passion and self-determination. Being able to deliver complex and out of the box solutions is what gives us a competitive edge.

We’re Punctual

At Pasolite, we’re focused on building a platform that enables an organization’s people, places and technology to work better together, and empowers employees to be more productive and efficient. Punctuality not only pays off financially for a company, but pays off in a big way when it comes to a healthy company culture.


Pasolite’s collection is one of breadth and depth, an extensive range that answers the needs of contemporary architecture. Within our portfolio of products, there is a consistent level of quality and innovation, allowing us to package lighting solutions for all our clients, irrespective of the project demands. Check out some of the customised light fixtures manufactured by us for our customers in the Gallery Section.