To décor, your washrooms in a more styling way, step into the world of LED lightings which is Pasolite. Here, we boom you with mind-blasting ideas that lighten up your bathroom space. Let’s know in detail how uniquely we can style washrooms for you. For the best lighting for the bathroom, we need to acknowledge which lights will appear good, which colors will fit well for the appearance of the washroom, and which type of fixtures to be installed. So, to understand all these we need to dig a little deeper.

Installing LED for washrooms will not only enlighten the vanity space but also enhance peace and mental well-being. Besides decoring with led lighting in your bathroom space is super important for many usages. Therefore we as a family of Pasolite are here to make your hands full of best-led lighting for your washrooms to be designed with.  

  • Led Lights

The overall atmosphere and ambiance in the bathroom are meant to be sufficiently cozy. LED lights make great sources as they emit low heat which helps maintain the equilibrium of temperature in the washroom. These LED lights have become quite popular in recent times due to their ability to conserve energy, thus keeping the bills to a minimum. Consequently, even if you accidentally forget to turn off the washroom lights or have a habit of leaving them on to avoid nightlights, then these LED lights have your back. Another benefit of using LED lights in your washroom is that they illuminate the space evenly. Whether you prefer embedded ceiling lights or encase them in glass shades, the light source distributes consistently in its overall coverage area. They also last a lot longer than regular light bulbs.

  • You may have come across these in hotels. Ambient lights are mostly embedded in the ceiling and tend to illuminate the entire washroom. You can install targeted switches or keep them generalized as per your preference. Ambient lights are mostly used when there is an insufficiency of natural lights in the washroom. You can opt for these innovative solutions, spreading them around the perimeter of the floorplan. We do, however, recommend that you combine the use of ambient lights with task lighting to properly brighten up the entire space as and when required.


The area of the washroom mirror is highly important for day-to-day life, which is why good lighting is necessary. With Pasolite, you get a golden chance of welcoming mirrors with frontal illumination into your vanity spaces. Those mirrors with frontal illumination project the light towards your face by contributing the light without any shadows or faded lighting. Let’s explore a few mirror lighting styles with Pasolite.


  • LED Mirror

This elegant LED Mirror setup makes the vanity space more attractive with its smart lighting technology setup. The light-up mirror makes the make-up application easier, and even more stylish if you add a velvet stool in the washroom. This kind of arrangement radiates light softly and gently which is perfect for the daily glow-up regime. 

Led Mirror lights


The best color temperature for washroom lighting is between 2700K and 3000k. The light around 2700K tends to have a warmer, more comfortable, and cozy feel and is more flattering to skin tones and warmer color palettes.



The smart home system that controls shower lighting is what lifts your mood and makes the interior décor of the washroom or vanity space seem to shine sharp. If you want indirect lighting in the shower, an atmospheric bedside lamp, or led strip lights from behind the mirrors of the washroom may create a unique visual effect. 


It is ideal to choose a light and calming color palette for the washroom walls, preferably neutral shades of white or beige. You can also opt for sky blue or light yellow to suit your sensitivity to colors. Remember, lighter shades reflect the light, therefore, a white washroom will always appear bright and clean. You don’t need a chandelier to accentuate the elegance of your washroom. Just some carefully chosen light fixtures and furnishing will do the trick. The goal is to create a space for cleanliness and worship yourself and your body. To install such styling fixtures in your washroom, welcome pasolite into your doorstep to décor your vanity.