Gearing up for Virtual Classrooms with Best Lighting Solutions!


Gearing up for Virtual Classrooms with Best Lighting Solutions!

As another year advances with the new normal way of living and schools across the country reopening for another year of virtual classrooms, it has become even more important to provide our children with the right environment to study at home. And one of the significant criteria for a suitable atmosphere is ample lighting to avoid the stress.We are not unaware of the fact that how much poor lighting can affect children’s vision and concentration. A well lit home paves way for a better, more comfortable and satisfying studying environment for the young aspirants.

In order to achieve the highest quality of education from virtual classrooms, selecting the correct and therefore the best lighting for the study area is essential but it is not perpetually an easy task. Smart lighting is one of the core elements of a successful on-camera performance for the student and educator alike. Efforts should be put into creating engaging, enlightening and innovative study rooms. With the addition of just a few lighting sources to the study space, the whole experience can be spruced up and considerably improve the concentration levels onscreen and off screen.

Here are some pointers that help you choose the right light:

  • The lighting should not be too bright and harsh; A good solution is to use a softbox or a light diffuser which can be purchased online. On the contrary, the lighting should not be dark or too dim; This can be catered to by adding more lighting sources to the background helping create a balance between the background and foreground during online classes.
  • Placement of the lighting sources is equally pivotal. If the position of the light source is incorrect, it will produce a silhouette effect and create shadows in the foreground while in front of the camera. A balance between foreground and background is essential and can be attained by installing the light sources in front of the seating with some light to illuminate the background as well.
  • The number of lighting sources to be installed is also an essential decision to be made but it largely depends on the room that you are in and the amount of natural light that the space accepts. It is recommended to use at least 3 different light sources.

What are the lighting sources that can help obtain right lighting solution for study area:

Natural Lighting

As always, it goes without saying that ample natural lighting is the best for any area whether it’s for working from home or for a virtual classroom. Natural lighting has a positive effect on concentration, the mood and eliminates the strain on the eyes while reading and writing. It is best to put a table in front of the window to let natural light in.

Wall Mounted Lights

Wall light fixtures are an excellent choice for crunched up spaces and can be installed in the foreground or background of the study space. They are great for virtual classroom settings and can be adjusted for the right focus.

Ceiling Track Lights

An LED ceiling track lights with more than 3 spotlights can create a warm brightening effect. They offer the ultimate ambience in a focused space and are ideal for the front or back lighting of the webcam. The additional use of softbox can improve the overall experience.

Recessed Lights

Recessed ceiling lights are in trend in the lighting industry today and offer many possibilities for LED downlights. They help illuminate targeted space with an optimum beam angle. Although they can be used in any area of a home, having them in the study room has a differential impact on the children and is best for enhancing the ambient lighting. They can be regulated using a dimmer switch which is an advantage as it allows to control the softness or the sharpness of the light.

We have a lot more information about Recessed Lights. Click Here(link to Recessed Lights blog) to know more.

Pendant Light

Pendant lights are also in great demand these days owing to its flexibility and contemporary looks.They are evidently space saving, durable and sturdy as they are ceiling-mounted and are best suited when direct light from above is required. And without doubt they add up to the design feature of any room.

Some Honourable Mentions:

LED Strips:

LED strip lighting around the study table, book shelves or even around the desktop or laptop are also nice to have to give that funky look as well as to maintain the child’s concentration and make the whole study process more pleasant, enjoyable and exciting. When it comes to a brighter light, customizing lengths, angles and colors, LED strips provide with much more leeway to materialize the vision of the study area.

LED Colour Changing Ropes:

With bright lights and gorgeous lighting modes and patterns, functions that can be controlled by remote, LED colour changing ropes have also taken a place in today’s modern decor. These ropes are made of plastic and the LED lights within it give the glowing or twinkling effect and are fairly inexpensive.

Adequate and appropriate lighting is essential for our children to enhance their learning experience, to make it engaging rather than exhausting and reducing the attention span. Help them relieve their vision strains, headaches and let them focus on their studies by brightening up their space.The most important thing to remember is that great lighting is meant to complement our presentation, not take away from it. Lamps can generate heat especially when they are directed at our face. It is good to note that our lighting setup should not make us uncomfortable or distract us. Therefore, if your lighting creates too much heat, it might be helpful to switch into a different type of light, which will result in less heat output.

Let your creativity run free when setting up your lighting. With light sources, you have to figure out what works best. Great lighting will take time but even with the smallest adjustments, you can greatly improve the virtual classroom environment.