How to Decorate Your Office Space with Suitable Lights


How to Decorate Your Office Space with Suitable Lights

Did you know the right light can increase the productivity of your employees? You all must have some basic ideas about designing your space, be it your home decors or office space. The thing is first impression matters! People build their conception in first few glances. So, it is completely your take, how you want to cope up and accomplish a comforting, well-planned, designing with the suitable, and adjustable office lights.

As we all understand that decorating a home space & designing an office are two different segments. Architectures & interior designers take a few concepts like LED levels, Uniformity, usability into consideration before planning to design an office space.

From our end, we are providing a few of our collective suggestions that might help you while choosing and decorating your office space.

Get some basic ideas about LED light level

It’s hard to understand everything about a lighting set up, if you don’t do your research well! One thing you need to get some basic knowledge of is ‘lighting levels’. Understanding the temperament and level of lightings will tell you what lights you must install in your office space.

Understanding Lumens & Watts

Lumens – Lumens is the actual standard unit of light that is produced by any source of lights. (Here we are talking about LED smart lights). According to experts, a 100 watts light emits around 1000-1200 lumens. In an office space, 300-500 lumens lights are recommended as it increases the productivity, and brightens up mood of working professional, making them more inclined to working even more!

Watts – It is the electricity measuring unit. Suppose you are buying a 100 watts LED bulb. It shows your electricity bill costing will be determined by this measuring unit. You can install 100 to 500 watts lumens depending on the spaces you are using it.

-For an open desk, you require a 6- 10 watts LEDs.

-For hallway or conference room, you require installing a 25-28 watts LED lights.


Besides achieving a standard brightness level for your office lightings lumens, next you must require giving stress on creating uniformity in the lighting level. A synchronised, co-ordinated office space looks extraordinary! When your employees switch their way from one room to another, they must not feel ‘out of place’ after entering the space. You should hire a reputed, expert team of nearest LED lights store so that you get a logical concept of lighting uniformity before decking up your office space.

Start from level ‘O’

Do some basic math! Calculate the size of the room’s square feet, before setting up the lights. Further, calculate the numbers of lumens which is adding up to a particular room. Check if you are following the co-balance of lumens & watts in your office space. If you want to cut down your electricity consumption, use dimmable and standard LEDs. Choosing a perfect ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ light may sound like a traditional, elementary concept, however, it is important!

Our recommendation is check and choose what is best for you!

Happy Shopping!