It’s greatly said that, “First impression is best impression”. Quoting this let’s acknowledge how lightings or adding lights would add glam to the furniture that we décor our homes with. There are few basic lighting types when added to the classroom can glamourize the furnishing style which are exclusively listed below:

The most important thing of having good lightings around, is it creates a warm ambiance and handsome appeal to the surroundings especially wall lights, ceiling lights and hanging lights as mentioned as above We don’t realise it, but light is perhaps one of the most important elements in interior design and décor. Lighting plays a very important role in terms of our perceptions, creates unique sensations, reflects our choices, nature and experiences and can completely change a design and add colours to whatever has to be created.

Role of Lighting in Educational Institutions

Light is studied to be having the capacity to create a warm ambiance and an atmosphere much more than any decorated furniture or stylish eye-catchy accessories. Coming down to the line of educational prospect we need to really understand how important the lighting is in all the educational institutions. The brighter and transparent the light is, the more influencing and interesting the environment and surroundings are. “Recent studies discovered that students receiving high standards of natural light were seen to be achieving 18% higher than students receiving minimal natural light.”

We all know how important a teacher is for education and in the same lane falls our topic of discussion which is lighting, also plays great importance in the field of education. Following the same flow, we believe a classroom interior is also highly important to work on. Just the way we heard of a great saying, “Claps isn’t possible without the help of two hands” same goes with the concept of education as well. A teacher or a student alone are never responsible to create wonderful environment of education. But a classroom also contributes in creating wonders with its illuminating ambiance and furnished appeal. It’s not just the teacher who creates interest and mood in lessons, the education environment also has great influence on student’s ideologies and behavior. “Recent research conducted by the University of Sanford has found that the improving classroom design can boost our pupil’s performance by up to almost 25%”.


We have greatly understood the importance of lighting in educational institutions, but we still have to dwell a little more about the importance of having ceiling lights, and hanging lights in the classroom. Let’s explore and try answering the question of how influencing the above mentioned lights are for the classrooms, and also for various educational organizations.

  • CEILING LIGHTS – The ceiling lights are mounted directly from the roof-wall of a room for general illumination of the room. These fixtures are known to be the best options you can pick for sharp, vibrant and ambient light for the rooms. These ceiling lights radiate light in such a way that it enhances the interest of the pupil sitting in the classes to listen to the lessons.
  • HANGING LIGHTS – The hanging lights also known as pendant lights are mounted up from the ceiling suspended by various types of decors such as metal rods, chains, or chords. They illuminate the entire classroom with more glamorous appeal and glamming lighting. These hanging lights enhance the mood in a very positive way instead of hitting pupil with boredom by illuminating less.

Elements of lighting that enhance classrooms

After trying really hard for a longer time to provide better lighting in order to enhance the classroom zone of education, we still have failed at some corner. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to provide natural lighting for classroom zone of education because of many architectural constraints. On the other hand, we have great alternatives in our vision to make the lighting priority to be at the best and also at the top. Few alternatives which we have are Daylight Tubes and Bulbs, LED lights, Ceiling Lights, Hanging Lights, which can be the best to implement in order to create sensation and benefits of natural lighting as accurately and as efficiently as possible. After all these there are certain elements that are to be focused on while thinking about lighting, few of which are listed below:

  • Radiance: This refers to level of minimal light illuminated in an area. Low radiance of light is linked to steady reading, reduced concentration, weak posture and long-term weakened eye sight. Excessive variation of radiance is an issue as this has been shown to actually visual performance, causing discomfort and hyperactivity. A level of uniformity has to be formed to avoid excessive contrast, poor eye-sight and distraction.
  • Colour: Colour also plays essential role plays in the learning environment and good colour rendering performance is essential for effective learning, allowing pupils to make accurate colour judgements. More importantly colour creates a different aura and vibe that makes the surroundings interesting, eye-catchy and attractive.
  • Dazzle: Dazzle occurs where a bright image or object which is not the one that pupil wants to see is perceived directly, or via reflected light. Although pupils will attempt to reimburse, perhaps by squinting or turning their head, glare still interferes significantly with visual tasks and can result in many health effects as headaches, eyestrain, reduced concentration and diminished productivity.
  • Flicker: This is produced by certain lighting equipment and can result in lack of comfort and irritation. At a more serious level, it can lead to visual disturbance or vision of eye.

Conclusion :

Although the primary concern in providing an effective lighting system for the classroom is to facilitate pupils and educators and also learning establishments have other important considerations to keep in mind. At the same time we could see one great mission that our Government targets that is to reduce carbon emissions which means that schools must factor in sustainability when purchasing new accessories or equipment. This mission seems to be accomplished by the usage of few safe and conservative systems of lighting which includes outdoor lights, LED lights, hanging lights, pendant or ceiling lights and so on. With artificial lighting system which are of the greatest proportion of energy costs in schools, the energy efficiency of any lighting installation will be a mere concern. Good design, Eye-catchy furnished decors, specification, management and controls is observed to have high impact on many other factors which includes limiting electricity consumption, saving energy and keeping running costs to a minimum. Incorporating natural lights can provide both physical as well as physiological assistances to students, teachers and administrators whereas Natural light is shown to benefit the health, concentration and even test scores of pupils. Therefore, we can conclude by believing and acknowledging that Lighting is an important consideration for a classroom design.