LED Revolution continues… with Stadium Lighting!!


LED Revolution continues… with Stadium Lighting!!

We all know how lighting affects our mood but did you know that lighting plays a crucial role in sporting arenas. Proper lighting of a sports coliseum is as essential as organizing the sport itself. Lighting affects the way how sportsmen and spectators feel in the sporting venue. An ambient arena and clear visibility will enhance every fans viewing experience and keep them coming back for more. As for the players, without a doubt, a well lit stadium can ameliorate performances. Whether the venue is small or large or whichever the shape it is in, appropriate lighting can amplify the whole experience.

Stadium lighting is not just about installing some flood lights on a pillar. State of the art lighting solutions for indoor as well as outdoors of a sporting arena can do much more than just lighting up the field. The outdated lighting options like the halogen, metal halide and fluorescent lights are making way for the revolutionary LED lights. Unlike the halogen lights, LEDs operate at 100% efficiency which means they reduce the energy costs to a considerable extent. This in turn lowers the installation costs and subsequent maintenance costs. Furthermore, clinching on LED lights for stadiums produces brighter and better quality lights, enabling the sportsmen and onlookers a better sporting experience boosting the overall essence of the sports event and the entertainment quotient. This boils down to increased revenue streams to the owners allowing them to facilitate other events like concerts or celebrations in their arena. Last but not the least, adequate lighting ensures safety for the athletes and spectators alike.

There is a lot more that can be done with LED lights like syncing it with audio devices and spectrum tuning that permits changes in the nature and quality of lights for different events which means the audience can have a different viewing experience each time they come for an event.

Whether it’s for a new field construction or for a replacement of existing lighting fixtures in your arena, picking a suitable light manufacturer that understands your style and needs is equally important. Make sure to look up for a company that provides superior quality lighting solutions with top notch components that will not flicker in the long run. Choosing the LEDs with higher Colour Rendering Index and lower glare rate is vital for an ultimate viewing experience. Another often overlooked aspect of stadium lighting is Color Correlated Temperature which can be optimised by selecting softer color toned lights.

Choosing the right light and making it unique is an art. If that’s overwhelming, then let the experts do the job for you. So, if you are looking out for a stadium lighting manufacturer, Pasolite can be your one stop shop.