Lighting during the Monsoon season: Pivotal but understated!


Lighting during the Monsoon season: Pivotal but understated!

Monsoons are here again! Enjoying rainy days, especially at home during this pandemic, is one of the little pleasures in life that you can have in adverse times, couple it with a carefully crafted picturesque environment and you can create memories with your loved ones. While the monsoons bring relief from the searing heat, it can also bring in its wake some gloominess and dullness.

This is where illuminating the beautiful exterior and interiors of your home becomes significant.                      However choosing the apt lights for your entire home, including your garden, balcony, driveway or terrace, can sometimes be daunting.

Here are some tips to deck up your homes to make it monsoon ready.

Facts have proved that people’s reactions, behaviors and feelings will be better in a home with plenty of natural light and bright decoration. Selecting the right colour for your lighting is essential. Studies show that cool-white light helps people concentrate better, thereby increasing productivity for the ones working from home and also for the children studying at home, during the daytime. Orange-yellow light, on the other hand, is found to have more of a relaxing effect on people, thereby the better, less disruptive option for night time. The quality and the intensity of light can also affect humans’ neurological processes. Hence, it is important to choose lights with the right amount of intensity, neither overly bright nor dim.

When dark clouds hover outside, it is a natural tendency to turn on the lights in the house. However, this diminishes the ambience instead of enhancing it. Avoid using powerful ceiling lights and switch to LED accent lights such as recessed lights or an uplifter. Place them in different corners of the room and combine them with the soft cove light to create a warm and inviting space.

The rainy season can sometimes be a challenge for outdoor lighting, because water can easily short-circuit the lamps. Not only that, because the rain makes the atmosphere cloudy and dark, so the lighting should be bright enough to compensate for the external dim environment. Hence, opting for a waterproof lighting solution that is customized with the latest LED technology is the right decision to make.

For an ideal source of bright, vivid and homogenous light for the balconies, terrace or driveways choose lights that can create a well lit ambience like focus lights and bulkheads. Lights with a polycarbonate base and LED light installed in it are highly durable for heavy monsoon conditions. LED fixtures ensure that the light output is sharp and uniform throughout and since they save a considerable amount of energy as compared to the conventional halogen light bulbs, they go easy on the pocket as well.

Pasolite’s wide selection of waterproof outdoor lighting can brighten up the exteriors of your home or office, like the garden area or the driveways. LED floodlights are a great option to highlight the extrinsic architecture making sure that the peripherals uplifts to a visual spectacle even during the harsh weather conditions.

Light facilitates more than just our vision. They can deeply influence our mood and health. Lighting is an important yet understated aspect of our environment. Heavy monsoons with darker days are often thought to stimulate and exacerbate drowsiness, laziness, and depression. It might help to keep in mind the immense impact light can have on us, and how we can manipulate our surroundings to better handle our days and nights during these monsoons as we are already dealing with a lot of emotional trauma with the onset of COVID-19 epidemic.