Modern LED lights are the perfect solution for your...


Modern LED lights are the perfect solution for your modern home

LED Lighting is the way of future and for good reason. We have great reasons such as they do have a LED lights which are more efficient and lasts longer than halogen bulbs, fluorescent and can provide the warm or cool light, temperatures your particular space needs. We have not just these fixtures but also advances in LED technology and their compact size which can be used in many different configurations like never before even in various artistic ways and more glancing, special and eye-catchy lighting fixtures. In the public space, where parks and other areas are important to the modern urban environment, lighting is a critical parameter and something you should focus on if you want to create unique experiences for the park’s visitors. Here, the right lighting can make the big difference. In this week’s blog post, we give you an insight into why lighting is an essential part of creating safety through illuminated parks in the open space and the opportunities LED lighting offers.

These days, people adopted the brand new show-off quality to enhance, represent and expose their status in a quiet very decent way by furnishing and decorating their homes. So, adding more glam to the appeal of their homes and making it more stylish, eye-catchy and also to give home a rich royal look, people started using different technologies to garnish their respective homes, one of which is discovered to be LED lightings. The usage of LED lightings gives a great stunning appeal to all the places wherever LED’s are installed. The LED Modernizing the house or office with LED panel lights in place of old fluorescent ceiling lights is a simple and quick method to save on power.
LED strip are offered in various colours they and provide homeowners with the capability to create unique decorative capabilities. The strips can be set to make awesome ceiling light, or it can set above or below any shelf to aid in locating stored items. From the perspective of illumination our living spaces, lighting can be divided into classical, halogen, fluorescent, and the most popular LED lighting. We can use LED lights to decorate a room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room and every part of the house. But for each room,different lights are required as per the aura, activities, and tasks we do in that particular room. And in this blog, we will be giving you effective tips for LED Lighting placement, layout, and spacing with illustrations in various parts of the home. These tips will help you make the home interiors more beautiful with LED Lights. Let’s have a glance.

  • A drawing room is the most used room in the house. It is the place at home where friends, relatives, guests gather together. White LED lights can be used in the false ceiling of the room and you can also use an LED strip light of any colour of your choice inside the false ceiling to give a beautiful look just as shown in the picture given below. These lights create an aura of happiness and togetherness and looks best in the drawing room.
  • The kitchen should be lightened entirely with all the wide angle lights to have a clear view for ease in the tasks. Platform and sink are the two sections in a kitchen which requires more lighting. Under-cabinet lightning can also be used In the kitchen. You can also use narrow beam lights to highlight pantries of the counter areas. To give your kitchen a unique look, you can use different colour LED bulbs and hang it above the chopping area or the shelf as shown in the picture, this will add on a unique factor to the look..
  • Dining room requires the rotating light which gives more focus on the table.Hanging or pendant types of light are most appropriate for the dining room. Make sure to always hang the pendant light at the correct height.
  • The bedroom does not require heavy lighting. You can use accent lights to highlight the photo frames and art pieces. It emphasises the importance of paintings and frames. This light is mostly used in museums, historical buildings, and art shows. Instead of accent light, you can also use LED bulb of different colours to giving it a more colourful look.
  • The lighting for entry and stairs is the most important aspect. You can surely make your home entry effective with good lighting strategies. This should have medium lighting or you can place a light dimmer switch with which you can adjust your light intensity.


You can now purchase almost everything online, including LED lights, fixtures, and control systems. The internet and the world of ecommerce has made new distribution channels available to everyone with lower product prices that reflect more efficient warehousing and delivery systems. LED lighting is a relatively new technology and, for many people, an untested and unfamiliar product with confusing industry terminology. Factory Direct LED, a leading online retailer of LED light bulbs and fixtures, has prepared this guide to help consumers to select and make online purchases of LED lights. LED strip lighting offers a linear option to lighting your space with LED lighting. LED strip lighting can be decorative or as a functional source of light in your home. LED light technology offers an energy efficient, eco-friendly, brighter, low heat and longer lasting alternative compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs.

By coming in linear strips, LED strip lights offer great flexibility and personalization toyour lighting needs. The strips also offer easy installation, most strips have adhesive backing or are easy to mount in your space. LED Strip lights are available in waterproof options,so they are an excellent outdoor option. Strip lighting comes in many colours and sizes, some of which can also be trimmed to fit your exact space size. LED lighting may come in flex strips,rope lighting or even high-power strips. There is also different density in LED strips, either standard or high density, which changes the number of LEDs, lumens and wattage per reel. That’s why we’ve reviewed many of the best LED strip light options on the market and narrowed it down to the 10 best LED strip lights you can buy in 2019. Below we have offered a comprehensive comparison of the best LED strip light choices, with comments and reviews from our top team.