Spruce up your home workspace just like your ambient...


Spruce up your home workspace just like your ambient office with better lighting!!

As we adapt to the new normal conditions, work from home is becoming more and more prevalent. ‘Work From Home’ – as intriguing as it may sound, we are in an ineluctable scenario and more and more companies are encouraging employees to work remotely, some are even considering it for an extended term and a few firms are opting WFH as a permanent engagement. A year has already passed and we are still struggling to adjust ourselves to the new way of life. All said and done the show must go on. If working from home is inescapable then let’s make it worthwhile. Although transitioning from office work to home work has been challenging, it is high time that we spice up that corner of our home which we now call as our office and bring it to life.

One of the biggest things we miss about our office is the ambient workspace. The feeling of having created a dedicated workstation, impacts the way you conduct your job each day. Home office spaces should feel like an extension of your work itself. As important it is to choose the right furniture and seating for your comfortable home workplace, selecting the apt light is equivalently significant because this is one of the most important aspects of an office work space which lingers in our mind. As you focus on styling up the workspace making it suit your style and comfort, keeping an account of the ergonomics of your home office lighting is pivotal.

Ample availability of light has a direct impact on the productivity of an individual. With a well thought out lighting we can make our home office a complacent work space. The right light increases the efficiency and decreases the strain. Harsh fluorescent lights can do more harm than good by straining the eyes and aching the head. Low and dim lighting is just as bad and can cause even worse eye strain. Furthermore dark spaces give negative vibes and are depressing.

Studies suggest that lighting for a study or home office should be at least 4,000 Kelvin. Bright light with a high blue content keeps you alert, active and supports your concentration.

This boils down to some of the lighting solutions that you can look out for.

Natural Light:

Firstly, if you have a home space that is already well lit with generous natural light then you are almost sorted out. With meager addition of other lighting, the workspace is good to go. Researchers say that people who work in sufficient daylight feel less tired and have decreased strain on the eyes as compared to artificial lighting. Natural lights are pleasant and go way easy on your eyes. Positioning the desk in a space with good sunlight, like a window, can brighten up the space and your mind. But avoid exposing your screens to direct sunlight as the glare can cause adverse effects on the display and make it harder to read, straining your eyes. Adequate ambient light can help when you need to focus, read, or stare at a screen for an extended period of time.

Of course, it’s not always sunny, so a mix of artificial light is also essential. Bright basic lighting is a prerequisite to get you charged up on a rainy or a cloudy day and even during the winters.And if the spot that you have chosen as a workspace in your home does not allow natural light then it is high time you give it a new look by revamping the lightings.

LED Lights

LED lights are one of the best solutions available at this point in time. Not only are they more efficient and cost effective compared to the traditional and conventional lights such as halogen lights, they are also much more versatile. They are customizable, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are adjustable and can be placed anywhere suiting your needs. LED lights are smart lights and easy to install. Pasolite’s LED light collection—Link to a product— are a great solution for whichever area of your home, be it the study, bedroom, living room or any other space. You can adjust the hue, tone, colour and brightness of the light as per your convenience making it suitable when you have a conference call or video interview to help you look your best.

Pasolite —link to the site— has endless options available to help you diversify your space. Quality and commodious lighting and contemporary fixtures can enhance your work from home experience. Professionals at Pasolite can guide you to tailor your lighting so that you can customize color, type, and style of the lights easily.

Wall Lights

To begin with, Pasolite’s compact wall lights —- link to a product— are modern, sleek, and come in varied shapes and sizes. These wall mounted lighting solutions for home offices can be fitted to a wall using adhesive fixtures and does not need time to install and is certainly non laborious.

Ceiling Lights

As effective are the wall mounted lights, ceiling mounted lights also provide optimum light for your workspace at home. The overhead lighting that comes in various designs can provide maximum brightness to your seating area. Installing track lights on the ceiling can be effective as they can adjust the angle of each track light and use it to highlight or illuminate distinct areas of the home office. Check out Pasolite’s array of ceiling lights.

Strip Lights

For subtle lighting options you can consider LED strip lights. These can be cut to any size and can be fixed onto surfaces simply by peeling off an adhesive strip. At home, they could be used to warm up a room or provide soft and gentle lighting under or around a desk. If the desk has storage units then sticking it under the cabinet can add to the ambience. You can even adhere the strips behind the screen.

Accent & Custom Lighting

Accent lighting is a great option to spruce up and add value to your background giving your home workspace a sleek and ornate look. Dramatic effects to the room can be achieved by installing decorative pendant lights. Accentuate it with wall mounted bracket lights to give that plain simple wall a posh appearance.

Custom lighting can help prevent eye strain and smart lighting options can be used to add color and personality into a room where you will now be spending a lot more time in.

As trivial as it may sound, proper lighting of your workspace can have a huge impact on your work efficiency and subsequent productivity. Lighting ideas for home offices involve making the space your own with design elements that work for you. Your home office should be a space where you do your work the best, so make it feel like you! Use these work from home lighting knacks to help you make your home office into a space you are ready to work in, each day. With innovative lighting techniques and high-quality fixtures from Pasolite, a new WFH office can quickly transform into a fun, and well-designed extension of your home.