Things to Consider When Deciding on Clothing Store Lighting


Things to Consider When Deciding on Clothing Store Lighting

Studies have shown that by using some correct store lighting techniques, clothing brands have experienced more product sales. Usage of modern LED lighting plays a vital role in attracting walk-ins and raising sales in the outlet. Well-lit products can grab customers’ attention and allure them to make a purchase. Store owners must do proper selection and arrangement of lighting fixtures to make the store appealing to customers. They need to pay attention to colour temperature, brightness, and Colour Rendering Index (CRI).

Furthermore, many other crucial factors should be taken into consideration while selecting the right lighting fixtures for clothing stores.

Points to consider while creating an appealing ambience for clothing store visitors

Follow a balanced approach

Indiscriminate lighting is not appropriate for showcasing clothes in the store. Proper LED retail lighting contrasts different products and allows customers to focus on a single thing at a time. Adding too much lighting will only overwhelm the customer’s senses, and not let them make the right buying decision. So, it is advisable to strike a proper balance between ambient lighting and accent lighting.

Also, to let the customer feel comfortable while buying, avoid using too many contrasting colour temperatures.

Consider ambient lighting

To design a perfect clothing outlet, having a balance between accent and ambient lighting is essential. Accent lighting is a must, but if the storekeeper adds only this lighting fixture, emphasizing nothing specifically, he will lose the ability to make products shine. Ambient lighting is majorly wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. It helps customers to inspect, evaluate and examine the product quality.

If the store lighting is too dim or dark, customers will face more difficulties shopping for the products. So, maintaining a balance between ambient and accent lighting is a must.

Highlight important items

It might seem obvious, but the retailers should guide the customers to items they want them to buy. For instance, if there is any sale, promotion, or anything new in the store, the salesperson will want the customers to see them.

The best way to convert the potential customers into buyers is to highlight the area where those products are kept. Along with standard downlighters and overhead lighting, adding accent lighting, general lighting, and task lighting will help grab visitors’ attention.

Optimize dressing room lights

Lighting in the dressing room should be the best to make the customers look good after wearing the selected outfit. If there is poor lighting in the changing space, customers will not buy the clothes or accessories. It is the place where they make the final decision of whether to select or reject the item. So, it is essential not to neglect this space.

Installing LED lighting fixtures that highlight the person, not the space, is optimum for dressing rooms. Moreover, installing lights around the mirror is an ideal option because the customer will look into the mirror and make their purchasing decision.

For creating a welcoming environment and a well-lit space in the clothing store, choosing Cleanray LED luminaire, downlighters and track lights by Pasolite Lighting is the best option because these are value for money yet technologically advanced lighting options for retail businesses.