Ultimate Guidance on Swimming Pool LED Light Installation


Ultimate Guidance on Swimming Pool LED Light Installation

Who doesn’t love to deck up their backyard with a luxurious swimming pool? Well, those who set up a pool mostly for swimming purpose, they must get a clear idea about ‘how to install the best LEDs’ for the perfect view of your pool even in the evening time. However, before you call up expert electricians in your home, get ample knowledge on the same, so that you don’t find your brain out of the place when they visit your home for the installation.

Confused about specific considerations on pool light installation? We’ve few suggestions that will definitely end your search for perfect pool light installation.

Determine the position before the technician comes

Often, our professional Pasolite lights technicians have reported that customers try to decide the positioning of the LEDs at the last minute & it’s a huge mistake! There are multiple types of LED designs that have variant usability in terms of inground or underground lighting installation.

Install the lights according to the pool design

Some width LEDs covers the maximum area, there are some single spotlights to highlight particular areas. However, some pool shapes are not like the regular ones. Those irregular shaped curved pools require opposing lights for optimal illumination.

Well, in terms of designing some key issue that you have to keep on checking before the installation.

  • The surrounding lights, is it too bright or dimmed?
  • Texture & finishing of the pool including sidewalls, floor etc.
  • The transparency of the watercolour, how you want it?
  • Places or design you want to highlight,

Consider the colour & features of the pool

The majority of homeowners choose ‘white background’ as it reflects the design as well as adds a ‘touch of sophistication. The colour white not only takes care of the background, moreover, but it also has the highest absorbing capacity & capable of reflecting the surface at its best. But, in modern times, many homeowners are inclined to add colours to their poolside. Rainbow LED strips are now worth mentioning as this trend is here to stay!

Look for the latest technology enhancement

Nowadays, the market is flooding with multiple LED technologies to adhere to the beauty of your backyard poolside. To mention a few, colour-changing technology is one such high-tech innovation that helps you to change the colour of the LEDs through remote control.

Analyse energy consumption costing beforehand

Last but not the least; the determining factor has to be a ‘budget’. No one is going to splurge all their money on the electricity bill. While installing the LEDs, customers like to keep a check on the energy efficiency.

With the new trends & versatility coming up in the market regarding the designing & other aspects of pool lightings, it’s better to make thorough research from your side. Hope you have understood the determent factors that will take a toll on you while decking up your poolside.

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