10w Led Triangular Track Light


pits 028

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Warranty : 2 Years (From the Date of Purchase)


Track spots in combination with lighting tracks offer a total solution in terms of lighting for shops, hospitality, and other purposes. In combination with the extensive range of innovative accessories such as the turned L and T connectors, we offer maximum freedom to create the ultimate lighting plan with extremely uniform light, no dark spots. Changeable lighting orientation with 320°in the horizontal direction and 0-90°in a vertical direction.The design is characterized by a smart thermal design which allows the airflow both along the outside and inside of the housing to dissipate the heat from the LED’s
Size : L 135/ H 130/ DØ 73
IP Rating : IP 20
Material Type : Aluminium
Finish : White / Black
Mounting Type : Track / Surface Mounted
Luminous Flux : 1000 lm (± 10% )

Applications : Retail Outlets, Shopping Centres, Corporate Offices, Café’s, etc.


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