12w Led Zommable Track Light


PITS 027

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Warranty : 2 Years (From the Date of Purchase)


Adjustable LED track light (PITS 027) use advancing zooming technology what 15°-60° beam angle can be optionally adjusted by a lens. It is more flexible than traditional track light in the light and angle control, and it is the ideal luminaire of commercial lighting application fields. With an adjustable beam angle, LED track lighting plays a leading role in adopting a manual zoom stretch head. One track light with a flexible angle varies from 15°to 60°, creating a diversified and dramatic atmosphere for targeted objects in different accent lighting situations.
Size : L 148/ W 123/ H 265
IP Rating : IP 20
Material Type : Aluminium
Finish : White / Black
Mounting Type : Track Mounted
Luminous Flux : 1200 lm (± 10% )

Applications : Retail Outlets, Shopping Centres, Corporate Offices, Café’s, etc.


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