36w Led Linear Fascade Wall Washer RGB

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Warranty : 2 Years (From the Date of Purchase)


Most outdoor landscape lighting is unobtrusive, designed to discretely illuminate and keep the landscape at the centre of attention. As such, LED Wall Washer fixtures are best hidden within bushes or rock formations and properly oriented to highlight the leaves in a tall tree or wash up a textural wall. The light is emitted upwards, creating a warm, indirect light which could hardly be closer.
Size : L 1000 / W 60 / H 82
IP Rating : IP 65
Material Type : Aluminium
Finish : Graphite Grey
Mounting Type : Wall / Ground Mounted
Luminous Flux : 3600 lm (± 10% )

Applications : Building Façade, Resorts, High – rise Buildings, Government Offices, Temples, Monuments, etc.


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