6w Led Res Floor washer Footlight W/W

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Warranty : 2 Years (From the Date of Purchase)


Outdoor LED step lights are among the most perfect solutions to lighten walkways, ramps, stairways, and staircases under limited visibility conditions and ensure higher safety, especially at night. Available both in the floor recessed version and in the wall-mounted version. Being energy-efficient devices, their usage allows to significantly optimize costs, an aspect not to be overlooked in the case of light sources that need to be lit for a long period of time
Size : L 220 / W 132 / H 90
IP Rating : IP 65
Material Type : Aluminium
Finish : Graphite Grey
Mounting Type : Floor Recess
Luminous Flux : 600 lm (± 10% )

Applications : Resorts, Backyards, Corridors, Parking Garages, Walkways and for Security Lighting.


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