7w Led Ariel Light (RGB)

LDL 212 O

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It is the perfect recessed spotlight that exudes warmth and atmosphere, with its sturdy finish, it emits beautiful lighting for a modern inspired decor. The round recessed downlight helps you expertly accentuate individual areas or objects. The recessed floodlights, meanwhile, direct the attention of the observer onto your shelves and product tables. The luminaires integrate elegantly with the room architecture; their large swivel range enables you to reach even far corners of the room
Size : DØ 95 / H 28 / C Ø70
IP Rating : IP 20
Material Type : Polycarbonate
Finish : White
Mounting Type : Recess
Luminous Flux : 600 lm (± 10% )

Applications : House, Shopping Complex, Office, Restaurants, Retail Showrooms, etc.


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