Pasolite is one of the oldest Lighting Solution Provider operating from Bangalore, to build a brand on the back of its in house production. However, what’s different is that we use foreign production facilities as the back-end of our operations, and focus on adding value through design and packaging.

Pasolite is the brand name under which Pasolite Electricals Pvt. Ltd., markets its products. Unfettered by manufacturing, the company has built of formidable range of LED products, for practically all types of applications.

From Retail and Commercial in Indoor to Facade and Landscape lighting in Outdoor, we offer a vast array of adoptive luminaires designed to reveal the soul of any architecture space.

Our Products

Lighting fixtures comes in wide variety solving various needs. Indoor lighting is basically solving all the needs inside a home or offices as these products are not water IP rated. They solve the purpose of illuminating places indoor and also give a better look aesthetically.

Outdoor Lighting fixtures solves the needs of various needs of Commercial Buildings, Apartments, Road Developments,etc. They help in illuminating the places and giving a better visibility of the areas outside. Products like Gate lights, Bollards, Under water lights, etc come under this range, they have different IP rating depending on the products.

Industrial Lighting luminaries are used mainly to solve the purpose and not focus on its aesthetic looks. These products are rugged and are available in higher wattage depending on the needs of the industries. Flood lights, Street lights, Poles, etc come under this category.

Featured Product

Track Lights Indoor

Wall Lights Outdoor


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With over 35 years of work experience in the lighting world, we surely have made a wide range of Valuable Clientele catering numerous fields and achieving great amount of success. We have catered in fields like – Government Projects (Railways, PWD, BBMP), High End Societies,  Theme parks, Banking Sectors, Corp-orates, 5-star Hotels and resorts, etc.
We would like to thank all our Customers, Galaxies, Dealers, Executives and the whole of Pasolite Team for helping us achieve this target. We do have our Back logs but we are in day to day development process, so our Clients have a hassle free experience.
For any kind of Comments/Suggestion we are happy to hear and solve as early as possible.

“…Adding these lights to the deck raises the bar on both class and quality….

I just wanted to let you guys know that my client absolutely loves their new lights. Thank you so much for your help on this project. Adding these lights to the deck raises the bar on both class and quality and helps my company continue to “Set Standard in Excellence.”

Vinay, AV interiors

“…From a business perspective, they’ve also been a boon to increasing our profit margins as well as customer satisfaction…

I love the Pasolite product line. It offers a high-quality LED lighting solution that installs in half the time of other systems and costs far less upfront. From a business perspective, they’ve also been a boom to increasing our profit margins as well as customer satisfaction.”



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