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Pasolite manufactures and trades the best lighting products and solutions with a more attractive, more efficient and more sustainable result. Our knowledge, dedication and innovative vigour enable us to create the best LED lighting with application possibilities in every living and working environment.

From Retail and Commercial in Indoor to Facade and Landscape lighting in Outdoor, we offer a vast array of adoptive luminaires designed to reveal the soul of any architecture space.

Pasolite’s management team, with roots in Pan India puts the client in a central position in all its endeavours. Our company’s DNA inspires us to work in a market-driven fashion, to provide optimal service, and to only want to provide the best possible product. As a result, Pasolite has become a premium brand.


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With an uninterrupted 20-year history in the professional and design marketplace, we continue to build on our core values of quality, integrity, originality, innovation, sustainability and service excellence. Our aim is to build up relation with renowned consultants and specifiers. Our range allows us offer our clients extensive and quality products.

Suited for all your needs

We Produce & Import designer, architectural luminaries. We know that high-quality lighting provides a better experience of a place whether you’re looking to add light to your lounge, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor spaces or Landscape. We can help you add that special finishing touch with our vast range of product range.

Lighting fixtures comes in wide variety solving various needs. Indoor lighting is fundamental to the expression of a home/office that is able to convey the style and sophistication. They solve the purpose of illuminating places indoor and also give a better look aesthetically.


With over 35 years of work experience in the lighting world, we surely have made a wide range of Valuable Clientele catering numerous fields and achieving great amount of success. We have catered in fields like – Government Projects (Railways, PWD, BBMP), High End Societies, Theme parks, Banking Sectors, Corp-orates, 5-star Hotels and resorts, etc.

We would like to thank all our Customers, Galaxies, Dealers, Executives and the whole of Pasolite Team for helping us achieve this target. We do have our Back logs but we are in day to day development process, so our Clients have a hassle free experience. For any kind of Comments/Suggestion we are happy to hear and solve as early as possible.